for the assignment of number 30 licences for online Italian language courses level A1 (beginners), reserved for abroad descendants of Trentino emigrants, provided by ICoN (Italian Culture on the Net).




We call for the year 2023/24 a selection for the assignment of 30 licences with the related tutoring service and online community, reserved for descendants of Trentino emigrants, living abroad, for the attendance of Italian language courses – level A1 (beginners), provided by ICoN.

The course will be held entirely online through internet. Students have at their disposal an online tutor, qualified for the teaching of Italian as a second language, the tutor replies to questions and doubts.

Students of the course are organized in a virtual class structured within the ICoN teaching platform. The platform is provided with forum and chat services and also provides moments of simultaneous group interaction between students and tutor with audio and video mode.




The course is based on an inductive approach and on the “learning by doing”: student learns the language “while” carries out the activities from which he learns rules, uses and meanings.

The mode is totally immersive.

Before the course starts, there is an online entrance test on the ICoN platform in order to verify the level of previous knowledge.

The course level A1 consists of 30 teaching units divided into 2 modules:

First module A1 – Elementary 1 – 15 teaching units, for a duration of 20 weeks, starting on October 2023 and ending February 2024. With a break during Christmas time.

Second module A1 – Elementary 2 – 15 teaching units, for a duration of 20 weeks, to take place during the first semester of 2024 (March, dates are to be defined).

The course is available on the ICoN teaching platform. Within the platform you can find the activities with the automatic correction, multimedia material, images, grammatical and lexical supplementary worksheets.

The platform is compatible with all fixed and mobile devices (pc, tablet) through a network connection and a browser. The use of smartphone is not recommended. Each student has a personalized access to the course.

Moreover, with the mode “e-learning in virtual class”, students learn the Italian language in a virtual class, managed by a tutor who will lead the course promoting collaborative activities, proposing the course material and correcting exercises and tests.

In addition students can interact with the others through the forum, during collaborative activities and virtual classes.

Tutors will lead simultaneous lessons of conversation, phonetic improvement, grammatical studies.

At the end of the first module of the course, students must take a test online and those who pass it, will receive a certificate issued by ICoN and Associazione Trentini nel mondo. Passing the test allows the renewal of the licence for the second module A1 – Elementary 2.


  1. COSTS


Each assignment covers costs, paid by Associazione Trentini nel mondo, related to:

  • Purchase of annual licence for the course attendance;
  • Use of tutoring and internet community services as mentioned above;
  • Simultaneous group audio/video lessons, with phonetic improvement and grammatical studies.


Must be paid by students:

  • Hardware instruments and costs for internet connection
  • There is a deposit of € 50,00 that will be returned to all students who complete the course. The payment methods will be communicated to the selected students.




Descendants of Trentino emigrants, living abroad, who are already 15 years old at the moment of the submission of the application, can apply for the assignment of licences.




The application must be presented to Associazione Trentini nel mondo using the attached forms within August 15th 2023, together with a valid identification document (passport or identity card or driving licence).

The application must be sent by email to: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.




Licences will be assigned:

  • 10 licences for age group up to 30 years old
  • 10 licences for age group 30 – 50 years old
  • 10 licences for age group over 50 years old


If there are less than 10 applicants in each age group, we will assign licences according to the order of arrival of the application.

The licence could be revoked at any time in case of failure in the studies and in this case the deposit of € 50,00 will not be returned.


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Download this file (MODULO ISCRIZIONE.docx)Registration Form  50 kB